Magyar Arany Korona Szövetkezet

Hungarian Golden Crown Cooperative

Hungarian Golden Crown Cooperative

Hungarian Golden Crown Cooperative

Hungarian Golden Crown Cooperative is an international financial institution and is a unifying instrument for all individuals – natural persons and legal entities, from any part of the world, regardless of gender, religion, social status, opinions and other attitudes. The cooperative creates the same conditions for each member. The conditions of how you can become a shareholder of the HGCC are discussed in the application form and the contract itself between the HGCC and the person interested in joining the Cooperative. All information is available on our HGCC website.

The HGCC was founded for the implementation of the legal rights and interests of the citizens of the Hungary, with the intention of creating material and other benefits in the territory of the Hungary.

HGCC activities are aimed at creating an organizational, socio-economic, financial and cultural structure.

HGCC has its doors open to all people living in any part of the world, without exception of nationality, who demonstrate their interest in participating in HGCC in the form of properly filling out an application and subsequently signing a contract on joining the cooperative, confirmed by their signature on the contract, between the shareholder and HGCC.

The main purpose of the Cooperative is to unite shareholders under one roof with the goal of realizing the goals and desires of each shareholder for the benefit of himself, his Family, his genus and the Nation.

HGCC accepts individuals and legal entities as shareholders without affecting their assets, opens accounts in banks owned by HGCC, offers a highly qualified IT system for services and account management, the possibility of interest-free refinancing of projects and programs aimed at socio-economic development.


Elimination of the consequences of the global financial crisis and its impact on HGCC members
Legal protection, assistance and support of the members
Protection of human rights and human values
Ensuring stability of the national economy and providing support and prosperity to members
Legal protection and support of individuals against the steps leading to the financial, health, social and informational genocide of the Hungarian nation
Helping persons living in poverty and on the border of poverty